Catalogue for 2014 - 2015 exhibition Bascove/ Bridges: Transporting the Metropolis
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STONE and STEEL: Paintings & Writings Celebrating the Bridges of New York City

Iron rainbow to the bright water bending: That's how Derek Walcott describes a bridge in his poem of the same name. Walcott's "The Bridge" is one of many literary evocations of bridges in this book honoring the presence, both literal and metaphorical, of New York's famous spans... Bascove, an artist whose work can be found in the collections of the Museum of the City of New York and the Musee de Cherbourg... brings a passionate geometry to her paintings of the various bridges, evoking the exhilarating, fearsome beauty of these "iron rainbows." – The Washington Post

Bascove... is a wonderfully fluid painter whose lines are reminiscent of the elegant yet muscular paintings of the Works Progress Administration muralists. Stone and Steel is elegantly and clearly a reflection of an artist's style and personal interests and a beautiful addition to any library. – Communication Arts
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SUSTENANCE & DESIRE: A Food Lover’s Anthology of Sensuality and Humor

In her 2002 anthology Where Books Fall Open, Bascove (a single-name Manhattan painter) juxtaposed writings about reading with her sensual artwork. Now she turns her eye to food, presenting works of prose and poetry, humor and history, along with her own paintings, divided into four sections: nourishment, desire, hunger and sustenance (each introduced by several quotations on comestibles). The artwork and writing are vibrant, witty, thoughtful and often a bit saucy. M.F.K. Fisher's musings on why she writes about food ("our basic needs, for food and security and love, are so mixed and mingled... we cannot think of one without the others") rub shoulders with a pithy poem by Les Murray ("vegetarians eat sex, carnivores eat violence"), while Jhumpa Lahiri's lyrical and lovely essay "Indian Takeout" is a curious contrast to Margaret Visser's discourse on the history of cannibalism. Donald Hall's "O Cheese," a paean to cheddar, Gorgonzola and Roquefort, is fabulous fun. The book offers fulsome praise of the experience of eating: an appreciation of its sybaritic nature, gratitude for its plenty, consideration of its place in society. Sustenance is thought provoking as well; for example, Primo Levi's "Last Christmas of the War," set in Auschwitz, reminds us that hunger is also closely linked with survival. – Publishers Weekly
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WHERE BOOKS FALL OPEN: A Reader’s Anthology of Wit and Passion

2002 Book Sense 76 Selection

Bascove is a gifted reader and a superb this elegant, witty and quietly moving collection of poems, prose and pictures in praise of books. Bascove celebrates the reading and writing life from childhood to old age, fitting an astonishing number of outstanding writers into a small space just as her lush paintings swell delectably within their frames. – Booklist

A passionate look at the pleasures of reading. – Publishers Weekly

This book is so intimate and satisfying, reading it feels like spending several hours with your favorite writers over a mug of something hot and delicious – Faith Middleton, Connecticut Public Radio
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